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August 2010

Glenn Beck

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is either too stupid to know the date of an iconic moment in 20th century history or he is lying and insulting Pres Obama &… Read More »Glenn Beck

DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – Conference Call – 8/12/2010

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The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee convened today to finalize the draft Call to the 2012 Democratic Convention and consider a proposed charter amendment.  The RBC will take a final vote on the Delegate Selection Rules and Call in St. Louis on August 19 at 12:30 pm and forward to the full DNC for consideration on August 20.

Co-Chair Roosevelt announced that the RNC adopted a delegate selection timing rule that tracks the proposed DNC schedule.

The proposed Charter Amendment would reflect one of the changes re super delegates (specifically, elimination of the unpledged add-on delegate positions).   The RBC endorsed it and it will be voted on by the DNC Executive Committee and then the DNC in St. Louis.Read More »DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – Conference Call – 8/12/2010