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May 2009

DNC Rules “Change Commission” to Meet In June

As we reported, the 2008 Democratic National Convention adopted a resolution to establish a DNC Change Commission to evaluate party rules.  See Convention resolution, Commission membership.  The Commission will hold its first meeting on June 27 in DC, and issue its final report by year end 2009.  The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee will consider the report, as well as other proposals on all 21 DNC Delegate Selection Rules, and adopt final rules by the fall of 2010.  (State Parties will then submit Delegate Selection Plan in 2011.)Read More »DNC Rules “Change Commission” to Meet In June

DNC Committees meet in Richmond

The Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee and Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) met on friday – the first time (at least in anyone’s memory) that such a meeting has been held in Richmond.   Appropriately for a Richmond meeting, the Executive Commitee adopted a resolution honoring George Rawlings (see April 26 post).  The Committees heard from DNC Chair, Governor Tim Kaine, Ricmond Mayor Dwight Jones, and DNC leaders.  The ASDC had several days of training seminars.  Read More »DNC Committees meet in Richmond