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Brian Moran for Governor

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“All life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time, the the peril of being not to have lived.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 

Those of us who have watched Brian Moran’s career know that he is a man of action, but over this campaign, we have also recognized his passion.  Brian, of course, is a former Arlington County prosecutor, served 12 years in the House of Delegates, and chaired the House Democratic Caucus.  He fought for raising the minimum wage, increasing access to health care, making the largest education investment in Virginia history, and protecting our environment for the next generation.  He worked hard to push the programs of Governor Warner and Governor Kaine through the General Assembly.  Under his leadership, the post-Republican redistricting House went from 34 Democratic seats to 46, a terrific achievement for the Democratic Party.

At the JJ Dinner last month, we saw that Brian is also a man of passion.  He engaged Bob McDonnell when Bob was in the House and will take the fight to him this campaign.  Brian was there for Governors Warner and Kaine and is committed to continuing sound financial management of the Commonwealth.  His website details his initiates for education, jobs, health care, and environmental protection.  For example, his bold environmental plan, including emphasis on green jobs, works well with Obama Administration initiatives.  Brian is taking his plans to every corner of the Commonwealth, and will be a strong fighter for the values and programs of Virginia Democrats.

Democrats are lucky to have three good candidates for Governor.  Terry McAuliffe is an exuberant candidate who was an excellent DNC Chair.  Creigh Deeds is a good guy and good legislator.  But the questions are who is the strongest Democratic candidate and who would be the best Governor.  And the answer to both questions is Brian Moran.

1 thought on “Brian Moran for Governor”

  1. Frank, your remarks are thoughtful and right on target.

    I had the pleasure of serving on the DNC with Terry McAuliffe. He was the democrats biggest cheerleader. I also have known Creigh Deeds for years and he is a wonderful Senator. However, it is important that we nominate the best candidate to beat Bob McDonnell and that candidate is Brian Moran. That is the reason I am supporting Brian and the reason I put my business on hold and decided to work for Brian.

    When I was running Governor Warner’s PAC, OneVirginia I spent the 2004 session in Richmond. That was the year Governor Warner passed the most extensive tax reform bill in history. During the entire session when Republicans were taking pot shots at our Governor, it was Delegate Brian Moran who time and time again took to the floor to defend and stand with our Governor. Many times he was the only Delegate who had the courage to take the Republicans on.

    Brian is a man of true character. One needs only to look to “Alicia’s Law” the law that protects children from predators on the internet to understand the true passion and conviction of Brian Moran.

    I am proud to work for him and will be proud to call him, “Governor.”

    Mame Reiley

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