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October 2008

One Virginia (for Obama)

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Today’s Washington Post qoutes Sarah Palin as talking – yet again – about the “Real Virginia.”  This is the same kind of Atwater/Rove/Wedge Issue/win elections by dividing people approach that Republicans try time and time again.  Barack Obama is the only candidate who talks about what unites us more than what divides us and that is one reason why he should be our next President.

As we are all Americans, we are also all Virgnians.  I grew up and live in Northern Virginia, but have lived in Charlottesville and Richmond and travelled to every corner of the Commonwealth.  What unites us is far greater than what divides us, as the following Virgnia Pilot editorial said so wellRead More »One Virginia (for Obama)

Vote For Obama, Now

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Many people, including those living in Northern Virginia who will be out of the county at work for 11 hours on election day, can vote absentee, including voting “absentee in person” at the Courthouse or special locations.  If you are eligible, you should vote now to make sure your vote counts.  By the way, ALL absentee votes that are received by election day are counted.   For more information check with the State Board of Elections website — important information is set forth below.Read More »Vote For Obama, Now