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Unity Rules Credentials

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The Democratic National Convention Committee met today and unanimously approved the seating of all delegations and adopted 12 resolutions.  The Committee voted to honor the requests of the Obama campaign, agreed to by the Clinton campaign, to reverse the prior decisions of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee and seat all delegates from Michigan and Florida, with full votes.  If my math is correct, this adds 17.5 votes to Senator Clinton’s delegate total.   We can evaluate the long term impacts, if any, of the Committee’s action at a different time.  For now, it is clear that bringing the party together to elect  Barack Obama and Joe Biden is the number one priority.VA_Cred.jpg

Virginia was well represented by Credentials Committee members Don Beyer, Hon. Shannon Valentine, Ruth Anne Walker, Kevin Wolf, and Lawrence Scanlon.

In general, Chairman Dean, the Committees, Committee staff (Phil McNamara and Patrice Taylor), the Obama campaign and the Clinton campaign, appear to have done an excellent job and are to be commended for resolving the procedural issues without rancor, and laying the foundation for a successful convention.