Tuesday, August 23 is primary day – four General Assembly seats (three of which include Arlington) are up, as well as local offices, including the Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney.  Check here for your polling place (and contested offices in your districts).  There really are not a lot of ideological differences among the Arlington candidates – they.. read more →

14 Aug 2011
August 14, 2011

GOP Presidential Candidate in 2012?

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To be honest, I really don’t care that much.  I’ve always thought it was important for Democrats to nominate the best candidate, and not worry too much about who the other party nominates.  President Obama has done an extraordinary job in difficult times and earned a second term.  I would rather have the GOP nominate a sensible.. read more →

22 Jul 2011
July 22, 2011

Vote for Alfonso Lopez, Now

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Alfonso Lopez, and working with him to elect Democratic candidates and advance progressive causes, for many years.   He is a lifelong Democrat and activist with nearly 20 years of legislative policy experience on issues critical to the people of Arlington and Fairfax – transportation, education, jobs, and the environment.  Alfonso.. read more →

The Democratic Party of Virginia, in cooperation with Organizing for America and the Virginia Young Democrats, will be holding the first Virginia Summit on July 15th-16th at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.  The Summit will be a unique opportunity for Democrats and progressive activists to come together to engage in briefings with nationally recognized experts on the.. read more →

29 Jun 2011
June 29, 2011

Virginia NOT Rocking the Vote


Rock the Vote recently issued its Voting System Scorecard, which  serves as a national benchmark that measures state laws and policies in three key areas: (1) voter registration, (2) casting a ballot and (3) young voter preparation.  The 21-point scale evaluates each state’s implementation of policies that increase access to the political process.  Virginia’s ranking? .. read more →

27 Jun 2011
June 27, 2011

Virginia LGBT Democrats Fundraiser

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Join me at the Virigina Partisans PAC 2011 event on July 14, 2011  7-9:00 pm, (program begins at 7:30 pm) at the home of Arlington County Board Member Jay Fisette & Bob Rosen, 311 N. Jackson Street, Arlington, VA 22201 (map, click here; 12 minute walk to Clarendon & VA Square metro stations).  VA Partisans.. read more →

The Obama campaign gears up for 2012 We’ve got critically important legislative races this year, but it is great to see that President Obama’s re-election campaign is already getting ready to win Virginia again next year. To read more about the President’s re-election bid in Virginia, click here. read more →

Here’s my recent Letter to the Editor of the Northern Virginia Sun Gazette.  It is definitely not my headline though – my point was the race is about experience, not the death penalty. read more →

12 Jun 2011
June 12, 2011

Virginia Influencers

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Cool, although I can think of a lot of other Virginia Democrats who could have been included.  http://www.campaignsandelections.com/media/pdf/784cbebdcacd309c743e1bff825659ed.pdf read more →

1. Get Social:  Social media is one of the easiest ways for Democratic activists to communicate with people in their own communities about our Democratic values of justice, fairness and equality of opportunity.  “Like” the DPVA Facebook page and follow the Twitter feed and simply click ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ to put that information directly in front of.. read more →