I get these weekly and try to post them, but I got behind, and frankly I’ve been spending more time on Twitter (@DemRulz) or Facebook (Frank Leone) than on this blog, so here is an archives of the ones from the last few months I haven’t posted (except October 3, which I apparently never received)… read more →

For the third straight year, I was able to enjoy my birthday with the the Democratic National Committee as it met in Atlanta for three very hot and humid days (August 21-23).  The word of the meeting was “turnout” as Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave a great speech and the various caucus and councils discussed.. read more →

25 Aug 2014
August 25, 2014

#DNCSummer2014 – 2016 Starts Here

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The Rules for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominating process are fixed as the Democratic National Committee met in Atlanta on August 23, 2014 and adopted the Call to the 2016 Democratic National Convention and Delegate Selection Rules (final drafts below).   The Call and Rules are very similar to those of 2012.  The DNC Rules and.. read more →

01 Aug 2014
August 1, 2014

#DNC #RBC Drafts 2016 Rules

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The Democratic National Committee Rules& Bylaws Committee met in D.C. today to (nearly) finish work on the draft 2016 Delegate Selection Rules and draft the Call to Convention.  The RBC will meet next on August 22 in Atlanta and present the final documents for adoption by the DNC on August 22nd.  RBC staff will then.. read more →

New DNC voter expansion – IWillVote.com program (more later), D-Day, EPA’s new carbon standards; Cantor loses, 2016 National Convention bids (BIrmingham, Cleveland, Columbus, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Phoenix (more later), early voting win in Ohio, student loans; GOP leadership conference, DIck Cheney, LGBT gala , World Cup; Guide to GOP governors’ scandals (not including former VA.. read more →

Looking back at May – Benghazi, bridgegate, climate change; Marco Rubio, minimum wage, 9/11 museum; GOP primaries, women’s health, Harvey Milk; GOP governors’ scandals, “Republican Leadership Conference,” Cantor on immigration and foreign policy, ending the war in Afganistan, and remembering Maya Angelou. read more →

To gain access to the primary ballot, presidential candidates in Virginia have had to submit 10,000 signatures of qualified voters.  This was the strictest requirement in the country, and because the DNC had a 5,000 max requirement, the Democratic Party of Virginia had to get hard-earned waivers of  that requirement from the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee.. read more →

[UPDATED] The DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee met today and approved most of the proposed Delegate Selection Rules for 2016.  The Rules are substantially similar to the 2012 Rules.  Highlights: The RBC adopted Rule 11 governing the calendar – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina may have their primaries/caucuses in February 2016; everyone else starts on March.. read more →

Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers, GOP budget, minimum wage, Equal Pay Day, Veep BIden on voting rights, job training, YALI network, and GOP ethical problems.  read more →

Affordable Care Act, Christie Bridgegate, contraception benefit cases, immigration, the President and the Pope, and FLOTUS in China.  read more →